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The following are the author's personal thoughts and opinions and in no way reflect the views of any institution or the medical profession.  

Medicine is becoming more competitive and for the first time, medical students are facing the very real prospect of unemployment on becoming a doctor. 

People applying to medical school seem to be getting better and of a higher standard. Almost all students that succeed at interview have had significant voluntary experience or life experiences related to caring or medicine. This is a hint to make sure that potential applicants should get involved in as much voluntary/medical work as possible - and reflect upon how this has affected your career decision. If you feel you do not have enough time to do this, you are not making time for it like you should, so this may count against you.

 As new doctors  are finding it so difficult now to find jobs, it is likely that as medical students, they will have to partake in as much voluntary medical work / electives as possible and perhaps consider an intercalated BSc degree or research degrees as well to get ahead in the shortlisting process for training places in their specialties of choice - perhaps just as much extra work as medical school applicants do now in preparation for the medical school of their choice.

 Interviews for Admissions into medical school have become more transparent and feedback can be obtained now for unsuccessful applicants. This could mean that to be more transparent, universities will start to adopt a more structured approach to interviews.

 Medical Examinations have gone this way with OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations) becoming the standard way of examining practical skills such as history taking and physical examination.

 This will hopefully discourage extremely difficult lateral thinking questions which may well leave students feeling victimised - unless everyone is asked the same question from a pool of questions.

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Educational and Interview courses do cost a lot more once you're a doctor.

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