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and Reviews from our Courses

When we held our courses, the following is some of our course Feedback and reviews- we use these comments not only to show you what to expect but also to develop the course

Previous candidates left feedback for us and these are some of the responses (not all are entered):

' I have also had an interview at Sheffield for their five year course. Again the interview was very friendly. There were two consultants and one fifth year student. I think one of the consultants was behaving uninterested to see how I would react (he said nothing and fidgeted throughout the interview) but I made sure I directed my answers at him also and by the end he was much more responsive. I thought the interview went well and I'm happy to say that they have made me an unconditional offer!
I now have only one interview remaining, Warwick on March 23rd. Thank you very much for all your help. I thought that the course was very well run, that it's material was highly appropriate and that the personal email with feedback was a nice and unexpected touch. I also believe the course represented good value for money. I wish you all the best for the future' Tom 

'A while back I attended one of your Medical School Interview courses and found it to be very helpful. Shortly after, I had an interview at Manchester University and have received a conditional offer. I would just like to say thank you very much for all the advice and practice you gave me, and as a result I felt much more confident and positive during my interview. Can’t wait to start the course now and I’ll defiantly recommend you to other people who are applying for medicine.' Michael

'Thanks 4 the interview practice its all payed of as i hav had  several offers from universities. The interviews went well and i really think that the practice sections i did at ur workshop really helped and  
informed me about the areas i needed to improve at. when i came to ur workshop i had no experience of interviews but u made me feel  comfortable and confident, so THANKS for all your help.' SN

'I justed wanted to thank you both very much for helping me get into medical school with Medschool Academy.I attended Medschool Academy in October last year and I now have offers from Liverpool and Cardiff for medicine.Thank you again, I'm positive that you have contributed a massive amount towards this success for me.' George

' I went for two interviews after the training and have been successful in both.  The first was at King's College London. The second interview that I attended was at Warwick University...' Sam

'Extremely beneficial and enjoyable, learnt about all aspects of medicine and I feel a lot more confident about approaching my interview. Thank you very much. Had a great time!'- Judith

'The course is well structured and covers most of the questions expected to be asked' - Sean

'I have a much greater understanding of what to do at interview' Ayse

'Very useful, informative, interesting, good practice' - A

'Really Good - all questions I had before the course were answered by the end' - George

'Leant a lot of information. Well structured and well presented' Anon

'Really useful. Gave me confidence and made me feel better about interviews' Kathryn

What they thought went well

'(At) My second interview, I could see how I'd improved and gained confidence'

'In particular, the NHS and medically related trusts, learning who they are and what they do, most importantly how they helped.'  Sean

'Lectures were informative and provided plenty of knowledge' Mohsin

Having 2 seperate interviews works really well. The initial 'deep end' interview helped in showing you what you have and what you lack'  A

'The mock interviews, alhtough scary and a bit uncomfortable, were very useful. Lunch.' George

'Mock interviews - realistic' R

'Good to have interviews with other students observing. I think there must be at least two interviews so you are allowed to try and improve aftre setting a benchmark. Very good number of teacher to student ratio.' K

'Getting feedback after mock interviews and understanding what interviewers are looking for' Kathyrn

What they thought could have gone better - our answers in italics

'More concise lectures' - we will try to ensure this next time, as we did over run on one of them!

'Spread over 2 days, may allow more information to sink in' - I know, we try to cram a lot in 1 day. That's value for money!

'Maybe ask wider range of questions' - We will take this on board, but it is trying to achieve the balance of giving more questions and the chance for every candidate to answer the most commonly asked ones. Besides, questions are available from Google. Please read our hints and tips page.



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We believe the feedback reflects the amount of time we spend with our candidates, giving them longer interview practice sessions and also a lot of factual information..

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