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Our enviable company efforts have led to widespread distribution of Durians in China

Potential other International BUSINESS PARTNERS Interested in IMPORTING Durians can meet us at:

Numerous shows and Expos


Food&Hotel Asia 2012 Expo (Singapore)

SIAL China 2012

MIHAS 2012



We are experienced wholesale International Exporters

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We are keen to pursue other wholesale export opportunities in new markets


Durian Orchard Visits

We have many visitors to our Orchard in Batu Pahat, Johor who have a tour of the orchard and Durian tasting after.


Special Events

We have experience in organising durian parties / feasts for businesses and private clients, and can do so within 24h of your order. Please enquire regarding costs and minimum orders

Buy Durians - from Malaysia's premium Overseas Durian Exporter

Buy premium quality Malaysian Durians Now in Malaysia and Singapore online, or sample durians from source at our Durian Orchard in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia.

Wholesale prices, and premium service from our family run Durian business here. We also export durians internationally from our fast growing business, being one of the only companies to do so for Malaysian durians having invested heavily in high quality harvesting (using netting) and sterile packaging of our durians for export.

Pervious displays at:

mihasMIHAS 2012




chinafairChina Fruit and Vegetable Fair , November 2011, Nanning, China


Top Fruits Sdn Bhd is a fast growing business dealing with fresh fruits and fruit related products. We are licenced exporters of durians and have since 2010 exported durians on a large scale to Singapore, Hong Kong, and our biggest market China. We have also dealt with clients in the USA, UK, and Germany. We are continually looking for more wholesale opportunities worldwide and aim to provide Durian export on a large scale to countries abroad, promoting Malaysian Durians overseas.

We are retailers and exporters of Durian Tarts, Durian Jam, and Durian mooncakes which are all packed with pulp from our Durians.



Durianseller.com is a family run business established in 1985 providing Durians online to you direct from our Durian orchard in Batu Pahat, Johor. We supply durians to the retail trade, private and corporate clients. As durians are a seasonal fruit (twice yearly - usually February - 2months and September or October - 3 months), we aim to provide you the very best service possible during these extremely busy times. Our Durian Orchard produces the finest Durian cultivars including the Mao San Wang (Mao San Wong), Kim Hong, Durian Mas, and XO durians, as well as many of our own cultivars.


We believe Wikipedia has incomplete information about durians (particularly Malaysian Durians) and will strive on our site to provide you with an up to date, comprehensive resource about Malaysian durians (Click here to our Comprehensive Durian Information Page).

In our opinion, the bitter-sweet, creamier, complex taste of Malaysian durians is unrivalled and truly unique to the best durians in the world! We believe the taste of Malaysian durians is superior to that of the usual exported Thai variety and many cultivars have been developed in recent years to cater to our taste. The current minister of tourism of Malaysia was quoted calling exported Thai durians 'tasteless' compared to Malaysian Durians (2010).

Many Durian lovers all over the world will tell you of the unique flavour and texture and durian season is almost a celebration in itself, with huge quantities of durians changing hands, bringing families and work colleagues together in a truly unique Fruit feast.

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Durianseller.com - a name you can trust:

We aim to provide the market with a Durian selling company that you can trust and we believe in ethical practice. We are managed by highly qualified overseas university graduates who believe in creating a trustworthy industry leader. We hope this will become very clear in your dealings with ourselves. We are happy to take calls at any time for any serious enquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible online.

Please contact us here if you would like to consider joining our team or click on our vacancies tab above.

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