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Free medical interview answers 2 - Starter questions


In the case of a doctor / potential medical student, this will take the form of a BACKGROUND QUESTION that is meant to search your background for what skills and qualities you have in common with that of a doctor/ specialist of that field. This answer is usually rehearsed by many interviewees and the answer should be expected to be of a high quality, yet this is often not the case.

For example, 'Tell me about yourself? What have you done to prepare yourself for medicine / surgery / medical school?, What qualities do you have that make you suited to this proffession/ specialty?, What perparation have you made to ensure that this is the right choice for you?'

The answers would entail eg. 'I have always/ for a long time, wanted to do..., and to do this, I did research into it by....., and spoke to ...., and weighed up the pros and cons...., and finally decided that this is what is right for me/ what I really want to do and be happy doing , etc'

In the above answer, the blanks are meant to be filled in by yourself and the more, the better, but the above answer shows a LOGICAL THINKING PROCESS or a DECISION MAKING PROCESS.

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This is often required at some point during the interview - usually a scenario but it can be applied to any difficult interview question. The above term can be searched, but this usually involves some sort of INFORMATION GATHERING (by reading, speaking to friends/colleagues/seniors), and weighing up ALTERNATIVES or choices which means looking at advantages/disadvantages, and coming to a decision to meet your GOAL.

For example, 'what would you do if a colleague turned up drunk at work?'

Answer: I would GATHER INFORMATION by talking to the colleague, others, etc, and relate this to past behaviour, etc, and speak to my seniors/line manager (esp if there was any uncertainty). I would think about the CONSEQUENCES of my actions - doing nothing , acting... and weigh that against the outcome of my decision...


SPECIFIC THEMES - eg TEAM / GROUP WORK, STRESS/PRESSURE will be available on the next page